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My Milk_shake brings everyone to the yard.

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I Live, Breathe & Play. Why?

All I wanted when I opened my salon was to have a brand that covers each range, that I could believe in. 

Milk_shake falling into my hands has been the best part over my 11 years in business.

Milk_shake retail covers it all, inspired by nature, using organic & the finest ingredients that is just healthy food for all hair types.

For those of you that know me know that I'm creative,  Colour is my thing!

Milk_shake has 3 amazing ranges that all work flawlessly in harmony together. Possibilities are endless & the results are incredibly stunning. You can create any colour in the rainbow!

I'm lucky enough to have worked my way alongside the Milk_shake company, Zone Concept, based in Italy. It's become my second family.

Twice a year for weeks at a time I spend endless hours learning the ins & the outs of each product. These trips fill another box for me,  I thrive with family surroundings.

I love my milk_shake & the family that comes with it. 

Here at home my girls,  our clients & our Italy family.

That's why my Milk_shake brings everyone to the yard.


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