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Restructuring treatments for glossy, healthy hair.


Pack Includes:


Nourishing Shampoo- 300ml bottle

Nourishing shampoo for all hair types.

Cleanses gently with its formula containing muru muru butter, nourishing and conditioning the hair instantly, reducing frizz and leaving hair soft and shiny. Sodium chloride / sulfate and paraben free.

Use: distribute through wet hair, lather and rinse. Repeat if necessary.


Nourishing Conditioner- 300ml bottle

Nourishing conditioner for all hair types.

Specifically formulated to nourish and condition all hair types while maintaining hair colour. Contains organic muru muru butter as an emollient ingredient with a deep, nourishing action.

Use: apply by distributing through clean, damp hair. Leave in for 2-3 minutes, then comb and rinse.


Intensive Treatment- 200ml bottle

Deep nourishing treatment for all hair types.

The specific formula deeply nourishes hair and eliminates frizz. Seals the cuticle leaving hair soft, shiny and more manageable while maintaining hair colour.

Use: distribute through clean hair and massage. Leave in for 3 to 5 minutes, then comb and rinse. For extremely damaged hair, cover hair with a cap and leave in for 5 minutes under a heat source. Allow to cool and then rinse.


Incredible Oil- 50ml bottle

Repairing and protective oil for damaged hair or split ends.

An intensive no rinse treatment formulated to counteract and prevent split ends. With a high-tech film-forming polymer that protects the hair from heat, straighteners or curling wands, and other stress factors that damage the hair. Gives nourishment, strength, manageability and softness to the hair.

Use: spray evenly over clean, damp hair and comb through to distribute the product evenly. Do not rinse. Proceed with blow dry and styling. Incredible oil can also be used on dry hair to give shine, manageability and to enhance hair colour

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